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Live feeds, tracking and more.
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Keep track of all your Anime and manga with the use of out Watchlist, Favourites and Recommended commands! Let users recommend you Anime or Manga, Favourite the ones you want to remember and save others for later with Watchlist!

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Live Feeds

Get live News and Releases from Crunchyroll sent straight to your server with our unique webhook system, providing a fun and exciting way to get the latest info.

Built for a community

Crunchy offers the ability for servers to hold competitions between each other or just view how much Anime the people in the server are watching thanks to our custom dashboard.

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Waifu collection, MMO and more!

Collect Waifus from over 60,000 to choose from!
Level them up by playing mini-games and raise your power by battling others.
Join forces with other users to create Guilds and battle other teams in legendary events.

Lotta Lewds

With Over 24,000 Images available we offer one of the largest NSFW selections available.
NSFW not for you and your server? Dont worry!
You can use the "togglensfw" command to disable NSFW for your server keeping it family friendly!

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